Koru News 1/03/2024 Term 1 Week 5

Kia ora whānau,

Wow! We have been having so much fun in Koru and made it through the first 5 weeks of this term! 


We are starting to learn some Rapid Routines to begin our maths lessons. This term, we have been learning about 'Notice, Think, Wonder' tasks. A photo is shown to the children and they are asked the questions: "What do you notice? What do you think? What do you wonder?" These tasks provide a visual stimulus for tamariki to discuss, notice, think, and wonder about. This could include graphs, puzzles, pictures or graphics. We are learning to act like Mathematicians, which means the children are learning to look for patterns; take a risk and explain their thinking. 

Here is the image looked at, and all the ideas the children thought about. 

  • I notice a big diamond in the middle
  • there is a pattern with the diamonds, they are red and white
  • the triangles go together to make a diamond
  • there are squares
  • the triangles fit into the pattern
  • the shapes are all joined together
  • I think it is a floor
  • I wonder if they are tiles?

What other ideas do you notice, think and wonder about at home when looking at this image? We would love to hear your ideas!
What do you notice?
What do you think?
What do you wonder?

We can find numbers everywhere around us. At the end of Little Play and Big Play, the bell goes and the tamariki come back to Hangare (this is the name of our classroom) and stand on a number. I wonder what numbers you can see? 

Our mornings:
Georgia and Stacey are so impressed with all the children unpacking their bags each morning independently. When the bell goes, the children leave what they are doing and come and sit on the mat. We talk about 'showing 5' when we are doing 'super school sitting!' Legs are crossed; hands are resting; eyes are looking at the front; ears are listening; and mouths are quiet (maybe even with a beautiful smile!) Each morning say good morning and check who is at school, begin with our karakia and sing our National Anthem. Then we look at our Daily Notices, where we find out what flag is flying on the flagpole each day, look at the word of the week and any other notices. 

On Mondays, our first block of learning is Learning Through Play. Then, after morning tea and Little Play, in our middle block, we have whole class and small group Literacy lessons. After Big Play and lunch eating, we have Maths, Kinetic Letters with Bounce and Skip (handwriting), and finish with a shared story. 

We hope you have a wonderful and restful weekend. See you all on Monday.
Stacey, Georgia and Paul