Koru team Term 3 Week 10!

Kia ora, whānau, 

What a wonderful few weeks we have had back at school since lockdown! The children have shown greater independence and many are now happily walking in small groups or pairs from the gate to Hangere and Kōmanawa by themselves. They are also unpacking their bags independently and making sure that lunchboxes, drink bottles and reading folders end up in the right places. Mīharo, tamariki!

Structured Literacy:

We continue to see fantastic progress in literacy groups, and we would love to see some learning continue over the school holidays, where possible. It is an absolute joy to see the children's excitement when they have learnt to read and write a new letter sound, heart word, or have successfully read a new book. We love seeing the children shine with pride when they realise they have made such great progress in their learning. 

We love books!

Learning Through Play:

The children have continued to strengthen their connections with their friends, both within the classroom spaces and out in the playground. They are making impressive connections between their social and emotional behaviours and our school values. They are encouraged to reflect on their social conversations and their relationships with their classmates, and problem solve together wherever necessary. We are constantly impressed by the level of maturity and wisdom they bring to these situations. 

Showing 'We Care' towards one of our little ones on his transition to school visit.

Getting the dolls ready for bed at the end of the day ('We Care' and 'We Get There Together').

Ensuring that all's tidy and organised in the Family Corner before home time ('We Care' and 'We Get There Together').

What a scrumptious looking meal for the dollies (also 'We Care')!

This week, during our Learning Through Play, the children have also been involved in learning about how wheels have made our lives easier. They have created some amazing roads and bridges, both collaboratively and independently. They have incorporated a wide variety of vehicles, road signs and community spaces into their designs.

'We Get There Together' and 'We Love Challenge'.

Wheels galore. How interesting - abstract art! ('We Love Challenge')

An impressive set up here ('We Love Learning').

A collaborative 'community' created here by two possible future town planners ('We Get There Together').

Rocket ships ('We Get There Together').

Some children have even designed creative costumes which could be our next generation winners of the World of Wearable Arts competition.

'We Get There Together' and 'We Love Challenge'.

Dancing down the cat walk!


This week we have continued our Te Whare Tapa Wha learning, with a focus on Whenua (place, our roots and the environment). The children showed great enthusiasm for caring for our environment, when they undertook some weeding in various garden areas around our school. They actively engaged in understanding the importance of caring for our whenua. They also learnt how to plant a seed (soaking it first) and then how to care for the seedling once it has sprouted. Today they planted new little seeds and they will bring these home and take special care of them, over the holidays. They have demonstrated the 'We Make a Difference' kete value, by taking action and contributing to our community. We are proud to see some children taking this even further, by volunteering their time during play breaks, picking up rubbish, then putting it in the correct bin. 

Fairy Gardens:

Our Koru tamariki are very excited to be taking on the responsibility for one of the raised garden beds at the front of our school.  Our plan is to turn it into a fairy garden, and some of the children have begun collecting small items to help with this fun little project. One of our wonderful parents has created some beautiful fairy homes (see below) to get us started next term. Other items such as small stones, shells, gemstones, nuts and seeds, little pine cones, a little terracotta pot or two, tiny furniture and maybe a wee statue or two, would be great additions to develop the fairy garden area. If you Google 'Fairy Gardens' you will find lots of other wonderful ideas. All contributions will be greatly appreciated.

Aren't they CUTE?! Thank you so much :)

Literacy and Maths learning over the holidays:

As mentioned above, it would be really valuable if the children were to incorporate little moments of both literacy and maths practice throughout the two week holiday. Please find links below which might help support the children's learning in these areas.

  • Heggerty Phonemic Awareness videos (this is just the first of many videos which you are able to access on Youtube, and Heggerty is the Phonemic Awareness programme which we follow at Beckenham te Kura o Pūroto)
  • Ideas to help your child learn and understand the difference between 'teen' and 'ty'
  • Subitising - finding out about and having fun with this skill
  • Numbers 0 - 20
  • Maths At Our House (a link we shared with you during lockdown)
  • NZMaths Number plans (for Learning At Home, but well worth investigating again)
  • More Maths plans using offline activities (these plans can be carried out without access to computers, and include mathematical problems to solve, projects to work on and basic facts to practise, and they also include notes for parents).

We hope you have a wonderful holiday with your tamariki, and we look forward to reconnecting with you all again in Term 4.

Ngā mihi mahana,

The Koru Team: Elizabeth, Nicola, Chelsea, Tracey and Stacey