Our Final Koru Team Post for 2019

Kia ora, whānau,

It's hard to believe that the end of the year is almost upon us, and yet there is still a great deal to be squeezed in over the final week and a half!

A plea:
Please, would you send a strong bag (large enough to hold your children's books and belongings) in to school this week? We will be gathering the children's many workbooks, as well as their works of art and other items, to send home with them in the final week of school.
Also, if any parents have the time (and inclination), we would love some help in learning spaces as we begin the job of sorting, tidying and cleaning. Please see your child's Home Group teacher if you are able to help out at all.

At the start of this week, to support those of our children who are going to be transitioning through to Kahikatea in 2020, we are all going to be making visits over to the Kahikatea team's learning spaces, to become familiar with the settings and areas in which those children will be learning next year. The teachers from Kahikatea have also been over visiting us, in both Pūkaki and Kōmanawa, at various times over the past two weeks. A letter will be sent home with your child, at the end of the school year, to inform you as to which team (Koru or Kahikatea) they will be in, and who their Home Group teacher will be, in 2020.

Next year's New Entrants have also been visiting us in the Koru team during Discovery Times over the past fortnight and will be again on tomorrow (Tuesday), to familiarise themselves with the spaces and their teachers for next year.

Our farm trip:
What fantastic days we all had the week before last, visiting the Frei family farm. Our sincere thanks go out to so many people:

  • firstly, to Amanda Frei and Ernst Frei, for being so generous and accommodating in allowing us all to visit, and for ensuring that we all had such a memorable time
  • to all of the parents who supported us on the days of our visits - without you, an outing such as this would not be possible, so thank you so much
  • to Jo, for doing such a great job of ensuring that our organisation on each day was perfect
  • to Nigel, for accompanying the Wednesday group, and for doing such a great job of supervising the flying fox
  • and to Paul, 'sausage sizzler' extraordinaire!
 And now... so many photos - so difficult to choose!


Our Maths problem solving has taken a farm-related theme over the past couple of weeks, and continues to go from strength to strength, as the children work with buddies to solve challenging number problems...

Our hearts have been touched, and in some cases, melted (!), by visits from little Pebbles, who is looking set, once old enough, to become a new Beckenham te Kura bunny, most likely based in the Kōwhai team from the start of next year. Pebbles was found, aged 4 weeks, in a garden, and despite best efforts, her owner has not been found. She spent a day with us in the Koru team, and very bravely met up with Peter and Ben, both many times her size!

Thank you:
As this is our final blog post for 2019, we would like to convey our sincere thanks to you all for your unstinting support for your children, and us, throughout this year of learning. You have all helped in so many different ways, from small, but nevertheless meaningful comments, through to weekly parent help in the learning spaces, including the commitment shown, by one or two, to putting our team's reading books away for us each week! We truly appreciate you all. We trust we will see you at the coffee and croissants 'breakfast' event for helpers tomorrow (Tuesday) at 8:30 a.m.

We have all had a wonderful, wonderful year of teaching and learning, and teachers will miss the wee ones and their families over the long summer break. We look forward to seeing your children growing and developing throughout their years at Beckenham te Kura.

All best to you all for a very happy, relaxing and safe summer holiday.
Jo, Elizabeth, Kristika and Stacey