Term 3 Week 2

Kia ora koutou,
Welcome to Term 3

Bounce and Skip
Kinetic Letters is a handwriting program that teaches us about the formation of letters and numbers. There are four main threads: making bodies stronger, holding the pencil, learning the letters, and flow and fluency.

Holding the pencil
1. Point the pencil at my tummy
2. Pick it up with my Holding Fingers
3. Tip it back to lay across my hand and pop my Pillow Finger underneath

We do our Bounce and Skip handwriting lying on our tummies, resting our elbows with our legs out straight.


When the children learn to form letters, they hear stories about Brave Monkey and Scared Monkey who help them to know where to start their letters. We use special whiteboards to give the children a prompt to remember this.

The 'Jumper Family' all start with a down movement and then back up and over; r, p, n, and m begin at Scared Monkey, h and b begin at Brave Monkey.

The 'Abracadabra Family' all start with a 'c' shape before going 'up like a helicopter' and back down; c, o, a, g, q, and s begin at Scared Monkey, d goes 'up like a helicopter' to Brave Monkey.

Ngā mihi mahana,
Stacey, Kristika, Elizabeth and Jo