Koru News Week 1 Term 4

Welcome to Term 4
A warm greeting to all our new entrants, new students and families who have joined us this term. It is a pleasure getting to know you and your children.

Warm sunny days mean our students must be wearing a named sunhat when they are outside for break times and when they are doing fitness or sport with their hub.

Home Learning routines should be up and running by now and children are encouraged to read every night. Great readers become great by reading, so thank you for supporting your child/children as they develop and grow as learners.

We are loving the way you are all supporting your children's independence, encouraging them do things for themselves and by themselves when they can. A bit of modelling and praise will always help.

This week we have been engaged in leaning about safe behaviors around fire. This is valuable learning and the knowledge and skills students are learning are very important. Do take some time to talk with your child/children about what they are learning and talk about your fire plan.

Inquiry Topic
The Koru hub 1-4 students will begin their inquiry in Week 3 with our theme around building design, construction, materials and sustainability. Keep a look out for more details about this in upcoming blogs and newsletters.