Koru: Week 10 Term 1

Koru Whanau: Learning Together! 
Our tamariki have spent the first term of the year getting to know each other, getting to know the teachers and learning the essential routines of school life and learning. Great work everyone! 

Tricky puzzles with friends


Celebrating and sharing 

Making new friends
We get there together! 

Friendship List  
With the school holidays fast approaching now is a great time to fill in your details for the Koru Friendship List. Your information will only be shared with other families who fill in the form and they will only be able to see what you enter. To fill in the friendship form follow the link: Koru Friendship List 2018

News from the Koru New Entrant hub (Pūkaki)

Maths problem Solving:

Our problem was: Mother Bear has 5 bear cubs. She makes a new jacket for each bear cub, and each jacket will need 3 buttons. How many buttons will Mother Bear need altogether?

We work together to solve our Maths problems. We need to listen to each other, share the pen and the whiteboard, take turns, and make sure we both understand. This problem was: At a birthday party 4 children were each given 2 little prizes. How many prizes were there altogether?
Teaching Mrs Bear to count to 100.
Sharing the pen!
Working with a buddy to join sets together.

Here, we are working on solving the bears and buttons problem.
Counting acorns: 8 + 5 = 13
REALLY sharing the pen!
Starting to think about the concept of subtraction.

Buddy Time:
We love Friday mornings, when our big Year 7 and 8 buddies come over to spend time with us. We work on our poetry together, and they help us reread familiar poems from our poetry books, as well as read and illustrate the new poem for each week. We also see our big buddies out in the playground, as well as in whole school assemblies. We love seeing our big buddies when they go up on to the stage in assembly!

At the End of the Day:
Sometimes at the end of the day, we like to get into a circle and give our friends a massage. We pretend that our fingers are like the different parts of a storm: raindrops, hail, lightning, thunder... it feels baeutiful on our backs! At the end, we all gently lie backwards and close our eyes.

Discovery Stations (learning through play):
Teaching the bears how to sing the alphabet song.

Playing schools.

Guess who?!

Building with the little blocks and animals.

Some clever balancing happening here...

Love that rabbit!!

We are all so careful and caring towards Peter Rabbit.

What a complex set up - well done, boys.

More careful balancing.

Playing the Count the Ducks game.

Colouring at the writing table.

Using a 'home made' pointer to play schools with the teddies.

Playing with one of our new little visitors on his school visit day.

Colouring, cutting and writing together.

Teaching Bounce and Skip how to write.

Clever building with the dominoes and animal counters.

Kings and Queens day:
In our hub, we like to have a Discovery Stations theme each week. On the Friday of Kings and Queens week, we all dressed up as characters related to kings, queens and castles.

Here are some handy links which you might like to check out with your children. The children are very familiar with these songs:

All best, everyone, for a very relaxing and happy holiday! The children have all participated fully in activities throughout their first few weeks at school, and most are showing that they are very tired and definitely ready for a lovely, relaxing, family break. We hope you have a glorious two weeks, and we look forward to seeing all those bright and enthusiastic little faces back at school on Monday, April 30th.

Elizabeth & Rowe (Koru/NE - Pūkaki)
Amber, Caitlyn, Charlotte, Dorinda & Kristika (Koru Year 1/2 - Tahaki)