Koru Team Weeks 5 & 6

Our Proud Petals

Parent Conferences
Thank you to all those parents who attended our Learning Conferences this week and for Hub 10, last week.  It was wonderful to see the children showing you around the learning spaces and to hear the conversations about their learning and goals.  The children were very excited to share their achievements with you - thank you for all your interest and the way you supported and encouraged your child in this process.

We would appreciate your feedback through the questionnaire that was emailed out this week.  Thank you very much.

Our Baby Photos & Fascinating Facts 

We have thoroughly enjoyed hearing the fascinating facts about our children in Koru team and have set up a fascinating facts gallery in our foyer in the West Hub.  We would love you to come in and enjoy all the facts and photos.  We based this learning around the Vogels adds that have been on tv. 
The children have delighted in sharing their facts and guessing who has 3 kidneys, who has been on a plane by themselves, who has 2 different coloured eyes, who ate rat poison as a baby .......  Come and enjoy the wall with your child.

Can you help? 

With the number of bugs that have been around this year we are running short of tissues for the children to use  and would appreciate it if anyone could contribute to our supplies.
We're also in search of things you no longer need at home, to support discovery learning. These include: 
* Construction materials: old clean containers, small boxes, old cotton reels
* Technology & tinkering materials: old phones, cameras, calculators, screwdrivers, allen keys, any old technology
* Nature items: acorns, chestnuts, shells, pebbles
* Craft: wool, string, tape, left over ribbon, wrapping or other paper. 
Please bring to the West Wing and give to any of the teachers.

Circle Time 
Dorinda has been leading us in Circle Time this term, which has provided fantastic learning for teachers and children. The classes work together, learning the routines and rules of Circle Time, and participating in fun games. The games this term have focused on our value of Getting There Together, and allowed us to practise co-operation, turn taking, sharing and listening to others' ideas, and encouraging others. 

Taking New Steps in Discovery Time

We have been impressed with children as they begin to show so much agency during discovery time. Many children are confidently trying new things, by playing with different materials or working with peers they didn't know well prior to our move into the new Learning Space. They have had to solve problems, source materials and work together to get results. It has also been lovely watching creativity spring out into the new space. 

Honey spread on brown, brown bread

Last week we had our first session "cooking" in our new maker space (kitchen area).  After our poem the previous week, 'Honey spread on brown, brown bread', the children made their own toast and spread it with Honey or Marmite.  It was lovely to use our Maker Space and to fill the hub with delicious smells.  The children loved independently making and spreading their own toast (with a little help from Anne).  The communication skills, self management, language around fractions (cutting into halves and quarters), fine motor skills and problem solving skills involved in an activity like this make it as rich in learning as it is exciting!