Week 10 in Koru Team

Koru Team Blog - Week 10

A great big thank you!
Thank you to all the wonderful parents who have helped us this term in so many ways.
We appreciate all your contributions including helping on trips, sorting and putting books away, laminating, culling resources and helping us with our shifting.  

Week 1 Term 3 - Into our new Learning Spaces
During the holidays Hubs 10 and 11 are moving over to Hub 8 and 9.  Thank you to all the parents who have offered to help Elizabeth, Rowe and Gail dismantle and pack their learning space.  The morning routines for Hubs 10 and 11 will be the same.

During the last two weeks of school Hubs 1 - 4 have been visiting and spending time in their new learning spaces.  We are all very excited and really looking forward to next term.

On the first day of next term when the children arrive at school, they will come straight over to the new hub.  The entry and exit doors are at the front of the building.  
The children will 
  • take their bags to the front double doors of the new building and put their bag on the ground where their hub number is. We will eventually be getting cubby holes for the bags in the near future.
  • go to the double doors and enter, taking off their shoes and putting them on the shoe racks provided - these will also be numbered.  
  • put their reading folder on the floor in their home space and pop their lunch boxes in the numbered bins in the kitchen area. 
After doing their jobs the children will be able to go back outside to play (via the front door) or engage in our fabulous Discovery / Play-based Learning activities, just as they have been so far this year.

Shoelaces: please practise doing up laces over the holidays, as children will need to take shoes off and put back on several times a day in the new hub. 

Litter Free Lunches
We are re-establishing our litter free lunch policy, to reduce our school waste. We encourage families to consider using containers or removing wrappers from lunch items. Children will be asked to take any wrappers home in their lunch boxes to dispose of. Many thanks for your support for our eco-friendly school.

Our Chair Friends

It all started from Blake's simple idea then 'went viral'! 
Weeks 9 and 10 saw us creating 'chair friends'. We made them, played with them, sat with them, read to them, looked after them and even gave them a nice place to sleep and a healthy breakfast the next day!
Enjoy the pictures - what fun. You may find this becoming an activity the children take up doing at home! 

Successful learning - What do our brains need?

The Science behind our brains and how they work is fascinating for children.  As they learn about their brain and how they can optimise learning, our children are able to make choices about their environment and what they put into their bodies.  This clip explains how our brain works and the impact we can all have on our learning.


Photo Gallery from the Cross Country















Photo Gallery from the Zones Cross Country