Fabulous Phrasing and Fluency. Our Reading Programmes

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

We have had a really great start to the term in our new spaces.  The children have settled in and it feels as though we have been here much longer than a week.  

Thank you for all your support and the positive comments we have received.  Staff have worked really hard during the holidays to get the spaces ready for the new term and we appreciate your feedback.

This term, as well as the individual learning goals discussed with each child at literacy time, we are focussing on promoting  reading with phrasing and fluency on every book.  
Your child will bring home reading each night.  The reading could include poems, reader books read with the teacher or chosen from their browsing box. This reading will be familiar and enable your child to practise successful reading strategies, reading with expression, phrasing and fluency.

Image result for children reading booksYour child may bring home a book more than once.  This is an important part of learning to read as it enables them to practise all their skills.  Just as we, as adults, return to a favourite film, magazine or book, the children will choose books they are familiar with and give them pleasure.

You can support us by continuing to read with your child each night and praising them using phrases such as
  • I like the way you are reading like talking.
  • You made your voice sound very interesting when you read that piece.
  • Well done you are reading using the punctuation.
  • Your reading is getting more phrased and fluent (fast).

Hubs 1 to 4 have been reading lots of poetry this past week.  Next week the children will bring home a poem and a book from their browsing box each night.  Following this we will begin our guided groups with poetry coming home on Fridays.