This week started off with a WHIZZ and a BANG! We were joined by Elgregoe, a magician and ventriloquist, who had a special message to share with us about how to stop bullying and be a HERO at Beckenham School.

H - Honesty
E - Empathy
R - Resilient
O - Opportunities

Here are some helpful tips to ensure your child has a successful day at school:

  • Make sure they arrive at school between 8:30am and 8:45am. This ensures they have time to do their morning jobs and say goodbye to you so that they are settled before the bell goes. It is also important that no children are being dropped off at school before 8:30am, unless they have an older sibling who catches the bus to Champion Street.
  • Reading folders need to come to school everyday. Sometimes we need to send important information home and this is the best place to put it to keep it safe on its journey home to you. Having your reading folder at school everyday also ensures children can read their books both at school and home. Increasing your child's reading mileage has a proven positive effect on their reading ability. You can record what books your child is reading at home in the back of their home learning books.
  • Check your child's school bag regularly. Quite often books can mysteriously come out of folders and end up squashed in the bottom of bags or in the more extreme cases, rotten fruit! It's important to check that no nasty surprises are taking up residence in your child's bag for too long.
  • Library folders and library books only need to come to school on a Monday and Friday. This saves you having to remember to pack it each day and ensures you and your child have exciting new books to read together each week.

Koru Whānau will be presenting Beckenham's Celebration Assembly in week 10 - Thursday 6th April 2:15pm

Can you read? Do people often tell you that you're a natural with a pair of scissors? Then this could be the job for you!
We love having parents and caregivers in the classroom to support the children with their learning. This may include reading a book of your choice with a group of children or gluing poems into books. All these jobs make a huge difference and are an excellent way to show the children how we really do get there together! If you have some free time on a Monday to Thursday between 9:00am and 12:30pm, and would love to get involved, please let your child's point of contact teacher know by either sending us an email or coming in and having a chat. 
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Any good used toys?
We run a fabulous play based Discovery time each morning throughout our Junior School. In the middle school the programme is extended and broadened to cater for older children’s interests and developmental stages. Both programmes provide authentic, rich opportunities for the children to explore, discover and investigate whilst strengthening their essential skills and skills in many areas of the curriculum. We would like to supplement and build the resources that are available to the children at these times. If you have any good, used toys we would really appreciate them at school. The types of things we are looking for are things such as tea sets, dinosaurs, crafting equipment, puppets, trains, cars, blocks, lego etc.  We can give these toys new life and they will certainly make a difference to our children. Please drop the toys into Hub 3 so we can sort and organise storage. Thank you very much for your support.