Upcoming Events / Happenings

  • WEEK 7        THURSDAY - FLUORO MUFTI DAY - come dressed in your fabulous bright                             clothes along with a gold coin - raising thank you fund for our Emergency                                   Services
  • WEEK 10       KORU hosting our School Assembly - we are learning a song from the movie                             Moana to share with the school. Feel free to join in and practice this at home.
Bring in your Library Folder these days ready to exchange.

Hub 1 - Thursday
Hub 2 - Friday
Hub 3/4 - Monday
Hub 10/11 - Friday & Monday

Remember to fill in your Reading Logs at the back of the Home Learning Books and complete a Mad Maths Challenge every night - glued into the front.

Hub 1 and 2 are collating a friendship list of contact numbers so children can connect with each other after school and in the holidays. If you DO NOT wish to be part of this list then please email Charlotte or Amber by Thursday 16th.

Here are some links to help you and your children with their learning...

A notice went out on Wednesday asking for volunteers to help during the school day. We really appreciate any help offered and have a range of things you can do with the children and to help the teachers. Alternatively you can email the teacher you are able to help.

Celebrating our Learning

We have enjoyed learning about our Identity. Our 'Me Bags' have generated fantastic sharing opportunities and are a great way to celebrate our individuality. Here are just a few from Hub 2.

We have also been reading the Book 'Best Part of Me' by Wendy Ewald. Hub 2 has created their own spin on this - adding writing to some black and white photography. The full range is on display in Hub 2.

Blake - My Hands

I can write stuff and feel stuff with my hands. I can pick up stuff and build things with my hands.

Jack - My Legs
I chose my legs because they walk everywhere and they can run fast. Sometimes when I race my Dad I am faster than him. I can kick with them when I am doing swimming.

Ruby - My Eyes

My eyes are special to me because they are important to fit my glasses on. My glasses help me to see otherwise my eyes get blurry and I couldn’t see or learn. I can’t read without my glasses. I like my eyes because they are very lovely.

Stella - My Neck

My neck is special because I want to wear necklaces. I like to feel my hair on my neck, it feels fluffy and soft.

Sharing Our News
We love to share our news with our friends.

Parent Helpers

We appreciate learning alongside our community - parent helpers are such a wonderful way to make connections and learn together - thank you to all that dedicate their time and efforts during the school day.

Maths Learning - Patterns

We are also learning this Term about Patterns - feel free to talk at home about the many patterns you see.

Learning through Construction

We learn to take risks and work together to create some very elaborate buildings.