Performance letter Room 11

7  November 2016

Dear Parents/Caregivers

As you will be aware from previous notices, Koru team will be celebrating their learning during Term 4 with a performance.

We invite our families and friends to come and watch ‘The Tiny Seed’ Friday 18 November at 2pm in the school hall.

The children have designed their costumes at school. To help them they will need some items from home. Could you please send the following along to school, named and in a plastic bag, by Monday 14th November:

Flowers (Vanessa, Asra, Keira A, Ruby) - green or black leggings/pants and pink, red or yellow top

Birds (Tyrell, Archie, Kaizah-rae) - brown or black leggings/pants and top

Bees (Abhay, Isla) - back or yellow leggings/pants and top

Butterflies (Lacey, Bailee, Lara): leggings or skirt and top. Choice of orange, red or pink.

Suns (Aine, Michael, Weaver): yellow or black leggings & yellow or orange top

Speakers (Luka, Ashlyn, Keira R) - school uniform (no need to send in prior)

We look forward to you celebrating Term 4 with the children.

Kind regards
Rowe, Andrea, Charlotte, Amanda and Jo
Koru Team teachers