Koru Blog Term 3 Week 9

Over the holidays...
Can children in hub 10-11 please save and bring in one clean yoghurt container at the start of term 4? Thanks

Firstly, we hope you enjoy family time and stay safe over the holidays. 
Secondly, keep reading over the holidays....stories before bed, going to the library (the new Halswell library is worth a visit). Ask your child questions and make predictions as you read, e,g. 
* Who is your favourite character and why?
* What might the ending be? 
* Why did the author write the book? 
Also, model reading strategies for your child, e.g.
* Using the initial sounds
* Noticing the end sounds
* Reading-on and re-reading when you are unsure
* Notice if your reading does/doesn't make sense

Market Day


Hub 10/11 - Feeding the ducks and ducklings! (Jewel afternoon)


Hub 12-13 Discovery
Here we are working together and discovering new ways of learning.

Teddy Bears Picnic