Koru Blog Term 3 Week 5

The SPCA came to visit! 

The SPCA talked to the children about what they do and how to care for animals.

Learning Sight Words

A novel way of learning some sight words! Can anyone better this? These two had lots of fun inventing this new game.

Thank you !!!!
Thank you Amy McDaid  so much for the many hours you spent making the beautiful painting smocks for Koru children. You certainly modelled the Beckenham Kete of We love Challenge and We Make a Difference.The children love these and I'm sure the Parents will too.They thought the different colours were very cool and were very excited.At long last paint free uniforms hopefully.A dream come true.

We can learn a lot through playing and talking with our friends.

This group of children tested their developing measurement skills during Discovery Time when a one car garage needed to be extended to accommodate three cars! The children learned from each other as they discussed how to make sure that all three cars were going to fit.

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