Term 2 Week 9 Newsletter

Parent Helpers
Thank you to all of the parents who have helped out so far this year it is hugely appreciated by the teachers and children! 

Resource Request
If anyone has any large fizzy drink bottles we would really appreciate them so we can make some rockets!

Koru Leaders
Wow, a big congratulations to all children in team Koru for participating in leading assembly! A big thanks to all of the parents who came and supported this event. 

Drink Bottles
Just a friendly reminder to ensure that children are coming to school with a named water bottle. By having drink bottles available in the classroom makes it much easier and quicker for children to have a drink when they need, bringing little to no disruption to learning programmes. 

School Holidays
With the school holidays fast approaching we thought we would put together a few ideas on learning activities that could be done! The purpose of these activities is to maintain some of your child's learning and strengthen connections between home and school. 
  • Writing reflections on what you have done during the day or the yesterday.
  • Writing a list of jobs or activities that are going to be completed during the day.
  • Baking and talking about the measurements, e.g., 1cup, 1/2 cup etc.
  • Counting numbers on the letter boxes when you go for a walk.
  • Writing numbers, letter, words and stories with chalk outside.
  • Colouring in books and encourage correct pencil grip.
  • Go to the library and read lots of stories together.
  • Word or number hunt in old magazines or newspapers. 
  • Craft activities that involve using scissors to build on this skill. 
  • Discussing healthy lunch box items, you could write, draw or take photos about your ideas and share them with the class when Term 3 starts. 
Discovery Time
Gardening with the help of a parent! What a fantastic experience had by all. We look forward to watching our plants grow. 

Students developing competency with our hub pet Peach! She was falling asleep on the children's laps because she loved the attention and felt safe. 

We have been showing we care and we get there together through home play. 

Whare Time
Over the past couple of weeks during whare time we have been learning about the Maori New Year (Matariki). Older students supported the younger students to make a kite. Kites are a traditional symbol of Matariki as legends believe they connect the heavens and the earth.