Term 2 Week 6

Kia ora!

The last fortnight has been an action-packed one!  Here is a snapshot of what we have been learning...enjoy!

What a focused group we have! It is great to see readers using our 'animal' themed reading strategies, which most of you received in your Mutukaroa home pack.  See Rowe, Charlotte or Amanda if you would like to know more. 

Have fun exploring this space website at home:  http://spaceplace.nasa.gov

We have been so lucky to have the team from Canterbury Hockey coaching our children over the last few weeks. During this time, Emma taught the children some basic hockey skills such as dribbling the ball and hitting the ball safely to one another. Full of gusto on a chilly morning, the
children all had enormous fun playing in the hockey tournament on Wednesday. We are sure you will agree that they look very professional. Keeping our sticks down was the order of the day! Amanda,Charlotte and Rowe were proud of  you all.

Quote of the day,"Great team work everyone " (Oliver)

It was great to see our older New Entrants demonstrated our kete values of 'we care'  and 'we get there together' to the younger children.

Reversal Letter Support 

Here is a rap that the children are learning to help them remember how to form a 'b' and a 'd'.

Cross Country: REMINDER

Cross Country is on June the 16th.

Start time: 9 30 am-we suggest you arrive on the Beckenham Park (the big field) a little earlier to get a good viewing spot.

You are welcome to position yourselves anywhere around the park along the route around the park to cheer and support the children as they are running.
New Entrant girls will start first followed by New Entrant boys.
Please ensure your child is wearing suitable sports clothing, in house colours (a t shirt if you have one or loan one from a friend.) and footwear for this event.


We have been talking a lot about making writing authentic for children. This means that children see that writing has a purpose related to everyday living. It is really important for children to see writing modelled in the home,

Here are some ideas to get your children interested in writing at home.

1. Diaries or journals. Even young children like to have a go!
They could include listing birthdays, names of friends,pictures and names of pets, holiday photos with a caption.

2. Letters, postcards or emails

3. Holiday maps and plans

4.Shopping lists

5.Treasure hunt clues eg 'Look on the swing'

6. Rhymes

7. Party lists

Writing with your child is a great idea too. Children just love making a little book about a personal experience.

"Writing floats on a sea of talk".

The conversations you have with your child about the world around them are very important as a foundation for writing. They give your child something to write about, support their growing understanding of sentence structure and help to expand their vocabulary.


On Thursday Noah's dad Justin came in to demonstrate a plastic bottle rocket. The children watched the air being pumped into the bottle and the water being forced out when the children pulled the string. It was a great chance to practise our backwards counting from 10 as we prepared for launch! We are sure Justin was relieved when this experiment worked !

Plastic Soft Drink Bottles
We would be grateful if  you could send any empty plastic bottles to school next week so we could make our own rockets.