Team Koru Term 2 Week 8

Robot making during Friday discovery time

 Thanks Amy for managing this fun time! If you would like to run an occasional or term long discovery option, please see one of the Koru teachers. Discovery happens every Fri afternoon, and gives children a chance to choose their own sport, creative or science based pursuit. 


Cross Country 
Thanks for the fantastic attendance and encouraging the children to have a go at something new!


Te Reo with Sherilee

We are so lucky to have Sherilee teach as Te Reo once a week. We learn greetings, waiata and key phrases.

Matariki song to play at home:


Ko wai koe? = Who are you?
Kia ora, ko (name) ahau. = I am (name)


6 Tips for home support
  1. Ready to Read Books - These books will need a lot of support from you at home because they tend to use quite a few new high interest words.I suggest you read the story to your child first or discuss the story page by page, introducing new words. This is called debugging the story and it helps children feel more confident about reading.
  2. Tell your child the names of characters in the story before reading.
  3. Pause Prompt & Praise: Give your child the time to work out words on their own (PAUSE). If they don't know a word, give them a meaning PROMPT, e.g. "Look at the picture, " or "what was the dog eating?" Reading should be driven by meaning not just "sounding out" letters. PRAISE for trying.
  4. Give children specific praise e.g. I liked the way you read that sentence again to check that word made sense.
  5. NEVER let reading become a battle. Read together if your child is unwilling to read on their own. Continue to read other books to your child, focusing on vocabulary and enjoyment.
  6. Making reading sound great helps children gain meaning from text. Model how each character's voice would sound. This makes reading come alive for children.
Having reading folders back at school every day helps our programmes run smoothly. It is good to get your child to put their reading folder in their bag straight after reading, in preparation for the school the next day.