Newsletter Term 2 Week 2

Welcome Back To Term 2!
A special warm welcome to Elsie, Hatsumi, Alex, Felix, Quinn, Sharni and Xavier.

Writing This Week
Teachers have been fortunate to have professional development on writing.
We are learning new and fun ways to provide our students with:
* Clear learning intentions (e.g. saying our sounds, doing a picture plan, adding detail). We do this using icons:

* Questioning to prompt children to write more
* Using stimulus like picture books to generate great writing
* Giving students clear verbal feedback

* Offering lots of writing experience e.g. word building:


Parent Helpers

Thanks to all our wonderful parent helpers! We appreciate your support with the children's learning. Keeping children's progress confidential is a vital part of that. Thank-you.

Learning At Home

You can help your child with their learning by:
* Playing games with your word cards. Find great ideas here.
* Read with your child every night
* Start to notice the moon...ask questions such as
What does it look like? Why does it seem to move? What colour is it tonight? 
We have started learning about the moon and solar system in class.
* Information about current moon phase 

Science & Art Learning
Thanks for your ideas here Amy (Weaver's Mum)
This term we are exploring the Solar System and Outer Space.
As part of this we have decided to create some 3d Models, for example: planets, robots, astronauts and space monsters. Please collect the following:
*Small boxes (eg oxo's, toothpaste etc)
*Twisty ties, eg the likes of bread bags etc.
*Bottle tops and items for embellishment (eg buttons, small tags and ties)
*Old magazines for collage
*Tins (clean, no sharp pieces or labels)

Book Review - Pete The Cat

This one’s a kid-pleaser, with funny, memorable text, bright colours, visual humour, and a downloadable song to boot. For such a simple story, it’s a page-turner too - kids will be eager to see what happens next, even after many readings. They’ll giggle at Pete inadvertently stepping into a pile of blueberries, which on the page looks more like an ocean of blueberries. Each time he stains his shoes, Pete looks a bit peeved, but within a few beats he’s back in his groove, embracing the latest shade of his sneakers. This story has a strong rhythm and jazzy watercolour illustrations.

Peach The Rabbit
Peach loves being with team koru!


  1. Peaches has certainly been a hit!
    Model making sounds fun!


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