Koru News - Term 3 Week 4

 Kia ora e te whanau,

What fun we have had learning about Vehicles over the past couple of weeks. We learnt that there are all sorts of vehicles that have various jobs and help us in so many ways.

Flight - make a paper plane and run test flights. What makes it go the greatest distance? Up high? Faster? What is the best way of throwing it?


What are the names of these vehicles? What can we learn about each one from a transport book?

Vehicles that operate near or in water. This play then led on to what happens if you mix chalk and water - chalk paint was the unanimous decision. 

Writing - for our writing we designed our own vehicles and explained how they work. 

We even had a special vehicle that came for a visit. The children learnt a lot about police motorbikes.

During Learning Through Play, a group experimented with flooding a river in the sandpit. They also looked at the best angles and the way gravity works to make water flow down a pipe into the river.

Building a campfire to heat water to make delicious Hot Chocolates. 

Learning how to play Barbed Wire (tag game).

Some maths groups have been working on showing what they know about doubles this week.

This week we start looking at the concept of Winter. We wonder what great ideas will be had.

At home, you might like to have a go at making ice. You could even put some animals or cars in the water before freezing. Once it is frozen, you could chip away at the ice outside or take the ice into the bath and watch what happens in warm water. 

On a frosty morning, you might like to go out and 'crunch' the grass, or feel how cold the frost is. You might like to think of describing words for frost or the cold.

Ngā mihi mahana ki a koutou,
Elizabeth, Sophie, Sari, Stacey and Jo