Koru Week 4 News

Week 4

Wow, almost half-way through Term 3 already!
The provocation of 'Change' has filled our recent weeks with a busy variety of topics. Some of them have been about the change of temperature (freezing versus heated objects), colour and growth.

Look out for ordering your child's Calendar Art, these are great for Christmas gifts.  This too has filled the afternoons with expression through creativity and lots of hard work.

Our new outdoor space is beginning to show more colour and plant life with each passing week.  We are still on the look out for any large planters or containers for the transfer of seedlings.  A big thank you for the donated containers and baby plants so far.
Creating at Discovery Time

Focussing at writing time

Working as a team at Discovery Time

Skip and Bounce handwriting

Making potions

Literacy time

Calendar art preparation

"Look at my handwriting, Kristika!"

More team work

Caring for our plants

Proud of our new hanging baskets

Seed sprouting experiment

Friends showing We Care

Preparing for the seed sprouting experiment

Quiet time in the Chill Zone

A Discovery Time challenge

Roctopus fun!

Mindfulness activities

Experimenting with vinegar and baking soda

Look at our amazing volcano!

The result of changing runny yogurt into frozen yogurt - yum!

Experimenting with colour mixing

More experimenting with colours

Who would have thought you could change the colour of a flower? How does this happen?

Showing We Care for our learning spaces

Showing We Care by tidying the book shelves

Showing We Care by stacking the chairs

Showing We Care by cleaning and tidying the children's teaching station

Creating our very own experiments with food colouring

Preparing the pots for seed planting

Planting the seeds (sunflowers)

Making truffles: what sort of change is this?