Koru News Week 2 Term 4

Hub 1-4 Inquiry
Next week we are beginning our inquiry Sustainable Building. We will begin our inquiry by exploring materials and constructing and experimenting with shapes and designs.
Please send us your empty boxes - such as, toothbrush boxes, cereal boxes, egg boxes etc.

If you are interested in sharing your knowledge of building, design and materials with our tamariki please send an email to your child's teacher. We are looking forward to hearing from some of our builders, architects,planners, drafts people, joiners and engineers!

News from the Koru New Entrants

Pirate Day on the final day of Term 3 -
We had SO much fun 'yo-ho-hoing' and 'pieces-of-eighting' at the end of last term! Our Pirate theme ended with us all making treasure chest biscuits on the last Thursday of term (our thanks to the parents who helped out on that day), and then we all dressed up, in line with the pirate theme, on the final Friday of term. Alfie's Mum 'knocked together' a splendid pirate ship, complete with plank, canons, and skull and crossbones flag. We were also treated to a show performed by the Natural Magic pirates - we were totally entranced, and all very grateful. How lucky we were!

The pirates in action

Everyone joining in with the fun

We were all totally captivated...

Big pirates, little pirates - we all had a ball!

Beckenham's Got Talent:
Our hearty congratulations to Poppy Holton who made it through to the finals of the Beckenham Talent Quest, which was held on the afternoon of the last day of Term 3. We were SO proud of you, Poppy! What a star you are.

Discovery Stations:
We continue to have loads of fun and learn so much at Discovery Stations time (teachers and children alike!). The children practise the Key Competencies of Relating To Others, Managing Themselves, and Participating and Contributing during these play-based learning sessions. This week and next, we are going to be hosting two small groups of local preschool teachers, who would like to observe our Discovery Stations, and then our Literacy time between 10:50 and 12:40. Enjoy these photos from the last fortnight:
How many penguins altogether, we wonder.

Playing 'schools' at school!

Some clever engineering and sign-writing here.

What can you see through the window, Peter?

Reading's fine at any time, is what we say!!

We absolutely love our new Lego table - thank you, Cath.

Hut construction.

Reading a story to Peter Rabbit.

Now that's a very clever construction! 

More clever constructing going on here.

Working together.

We were given a set of cuisenaire rods by a Beckenham family from some years ago and the children are thoroughly enjoying using them especially to form patterns, but also to help solve Maths problems.

More clever pattern-making.

We love writing, and take any opportunity to have fun practising!

And, of course, we LOVE numbers! Generally the children work in pairs (sometimes, in threes) to solve Maths problems. These problems are usually related to a theme, or an area of interest, which is highly motivating for the children on that day or during that week.

If seven mother sheep each had two lambs, how many lambs would there be altogether?

If Old MacDonald had five horses in one paddock and six horses in another paddock, how many horses would he have altogether?

If you put your hand up nine times and each time you received two pingpong balls in a jar, how many pingpong balls would you have altogether?

In Koru New Entrants, We Love Learning!