Week 9/10 Term 3 Koru Team (Hub 1-4)

Kia Ora Koutou
We are all enjoying the warm spring weather now, so do collect your child/children's' slippers and socks from the shoe racks and take them home. As the weather improves our children are taking off their jackets and leaving them around the hub. It is much easier to return a jumper or jacket when it is named. Thank you for ensuring everything is clearly labeled.
Hub Home Base
Next week hub teachers will move into new home bases. This is where the morning roll will be done and where your child/children will be farewell from at the end of the day.
Please return all reading books this week. During Week 10 students will stay with their hub teacher for poetry and shared reading. Your child/-ren will bring their poetry home to read at night. Please return the poetry book each day.
Supporting Your Child's Independence 
We are encouraged to see many of you supporting your child/children to be independent as they complete daily routines such as unpacking their school bags and taking care to keep track of their clothing and personal items. It's also great to see families giving each other happy goodbyes at the hub door or fare- welling children from the library steps and allowing them to walk into the hub independently.
The morning routine is an important time for teachers to help settle children connect and communicate about the day ahead. Our hubs are increasingly busy in the mornings and we appreciate that some of you may wish to share important information and/or private information with teachers. Making a time to talk after school or sending an email is always a good way to keep in touch too.