Koru Term 3 week 2

Welcome back to Beckenham for term 3!
We have an action-packed term ahead, and we can't wait to see where the children will take us with their learning!

A huge welcome to our new students!
Welcome to our new students in room 12. We can see you are already busy with learning and working together.

Spellathon lists
These have been sent home this week. Thank you for practising at home with the children. You can encourage them to read and write the words, spell the words verbally, or trace them.

Winter is upon us and our tissue supply is dwindling. If you can donate an extra box, we would be grateful.

Our Inquiry topic this term is Cultural Celebrations, with a focus on Asia.  Talk about your family celebrations at home e.g. Christmas, birthdays, cultural events. What do you do to celebrate?
Would you like to share a celebration or event from your culture? If so, please see Amanda, Rowe, Andrea or Charlotte.

Wonderful writing

Writing letters

Write around the room

This term, we are trialling some new independent writing activities. These are helping students engage in writing, and write for a real purpose.
Examples include: writing around the room (copying labels, signs), book making, letter writing, list writing (e.g. birthday wish list, shopping list). We also enjoy 'fast words' writing as many words as we can in 5 minutes, and writing rhyming words e.g.
mat, sat, pat, cat....
run, sun, fun, bun...
Why not try some of these at home?

Oral language
Teachers were inspired at an Oral Language workshop this week!
Oral language is essential for navigating life and the curriculum.
Activities for you to try at home:

  • Say and act out a word e.g. shivering; round
  • Draw a picture to show a word meaning
  • Have a word jar for new 'wow' words you discover in your reading books
  • Encourage talk and thinking in your children by using open ended questions e.g. how would...., why...., who...., when....., where.... 


We have started our gym unit, and are learning to create key movements: hop, skip, run and poses: stretch, tuck and straddle.

We are continuing to learn about addition and subtraction. Here are some children solving a problem with penguin toys: 
' There are 5 penguins and some went missing. How many went missing? How many left? Can you write this with a buddy using maths symbols?'

Have a lovely weekend, 

Rowe, Andrea, Charlotte & Amanda