Koru Newsletter Term 1, Wk 4, 2016

Alphabet Ideas
Team Koru  currently have a big focus on building on our alphabet knowledge (this includes the letter names and the letter sound). It would be fantastic if you could support this at home.You could do this by;
  • Using the packs that you would have received from Rowena through the Mutukaroa Programme. 
  • When your child is writing their name, talk about what letters make up their name.
  • Get your child to help write shopping lists and talk about the sounds that go with letters.

Contact Information and Cyber Safety form
If you have not handed in your 'Contact Details' sheet or 'Cyber Safety' form yet, please hand this into the office next week.

Word Pack
You would have received a 'Word Pack' from Rowena, please practice a few of these each night adding in a few more as your child gets to know some words. It is important to keep reviewing words until they are mastered.Your Mutukaroa learning pack also has a list of games to support learning these words in a fun way e.g. The Ladder game and the Slap game. If you have not received this pack  yet, it will be given to you at your child's learning conference. If your child started at the end of last year and has lost this pack please see your child's 'Point of Contact Teacher' so they can organise you another pack.

Team Koru News
Just letting you know that we will be sending out a fortnightly newsletter via a blog update.  Please make sure you check this so you know what has been happening and be aware of future events.
Please check the Notices Board  (in the entrance to Hub 10/11) daily as we use this to convey any important messages.

River of Flowers
On Monday the 22nd February Hub 10 & 11 participated in the chalk river of flowers to remember the people who passed away in the earthquake 5 years ago. The children demonstrated great respect and worked well together  during this activity.  We were also very proud of them during our whole school and community remembrance gathering on the field.  The children are a credit to all of you.
Most of these children have only been at school a few weeks.

Getting there together

A huge thanks to Steve for coming to play for Hub 10 & 11
Weaver's father Steve came into Hub 10 & 11 to play his electric guitar. Children asked questions about the equipment, requested songs, and some children even had a turn at playing the guitar! This experience created a platform for some wonderful discussions. We all think you ROCK Steve ! We hope you come again and if you would like to bring your band you are most welcome.

Daisy the kitten comes to visit Hub 10 & 11!
Quote from this sharing time - "She is softer than she looks!"