Term 3 Week 2 news and events

Week 3

Well done to Eva, Gavin, Soriel, Katya, and Keanna who received certificates in Assembly last Friday. It is lovely to see so many parents attending our PRIDE assembly. PRIDE Assembly will be held in weeks 3,5,7 & 9 this term and starts at 10:00am. All welcome!

Next week
Our dog theme continues with lots of reading and writing about dogs.

Gymnastics starts on Friday. A reminder to ensure that children are wearing suitable clothing for rolling, jumping and landing. We will be taking our shoes and socks off . If your child has shoes with laces, this might be a good time to ensure that they can do them up themselves. We are still looking for a few parent helpers. If you are available please let your 'point of contact teacher' know.
Room 10 & 11 10:50- 11:40
Room 12 & 13 11:45- 12:20

Home Learning
All children should have a reading book to share with you each night. We are having a focus on reading for meaning and reading fluently. To support your child with this, you can:

  • Ask them to tell you what happens in the story before they start reading
  • Use the picture if they get stuck on a word (Eagle Eye Strategy)
  • Go back to the capital letter and re-read when they get stuck " What could that word be? What would make sense in that sentence?"
  • Pause.... if your child makes an error to give them time to recognise a mistake has been made and self correct.
  • Encourage and praise smooth expressive reading. Reading should sound just like talking.
If you have any questions about your child's reading please pop in to discuss them.


Have you heard of the word 'subitize'?
Subitizing is the ablilty to recognise dot arrangements in different patterns without counting. This maths skill helps children to develop number sense and supports their addition and subtraction strategies.

There are some great apps available which you might like to try with your child if you have a smart device.

It's lovely to see so many parents in the classrooms before and after school. This is a great chance for the children to share some of their learning with you.

Te Whanau Koru teachers